Rescue/Engine 5-5-1

This unit is a 1996 KME Renegade rescue pumper, with seating for 8 personnel. Engine 1 is equipped with a 1500 gpm pump, and carries 750 gallons of water, along with 50 gallons of foam. Vehicle rescue equipment carried on this unit includes an Amkus hydraulic rescue tool system with both on board and portable power units, high pressure air bags, stabilization equipment, along with a full complement of hand and power tools. This unit also features a 25 kw PTO generator, and a light tower. Engine 1 also carries 1100 feet of 5" supply line, along with four preconnected 1 3/4" attack lines and a 2 1/2" attack line, along with standard engine company equipment. This unit is equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator. Engine 1 was purchased in September 2007, from the Newtown Square Fire Co. in Delaware County, PA, where it saw service as Delco Rescue 416. Engine 1 is first out on all vehicle accidents, vehicle fires, and investigation type incidents. This unit is listed on the LCWC CAD as being multi task, both as an engine and rescue company.

Engine 5-5-2

This unit is a 2005 Freightliner M2 / 1999 E-One pumper, with seating for 5 personnel. Engine 2 is equipped with a 1250 gpm pump, and carries 1000 gallons of water. Standard engine company equipment is carried on this unit, which is equipped with 1300' of 5" supply line, preconnected attack lines,and a preconnected Blitzfire monitor. Other features include a 10 kw PTO generator, automated external defibrillator, and a thermal imaging camera. Engine 2 responds first out on all fires, with the exception of vehicle fires.

Tanker 5-5

This unit is a 1991 Freighliner FL70 / 4 Guys 1800 gallon tanker, equipped with a 500 gpm PTO pump. A 2100 gallon folding tank is carried, to support rural water supply operations. Unit is equipped with a 12" rear dump valve, with side dump capability. The tanker normally responds as the second out unit on all fire incidents, to support the engine company with additional water, as there are no fire hydrants within the first due area of NDFC.

Squad 5-5

This unit is a 1994 GMC Suburban 4x4 SUV, which was purchased from a fire company in Maryland. The squad is used to transport additional manpower to incidents, and is sometimes used on traffic control /fire police calls. Squad 5-5 responds on medical assist calls to save wear and tear on the larger units, and is also used to transport members to training classes.