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Volunteers Are Always Needed

New Danville Fire Company is always looking for community-minded local people who may be willing to serve as firefighters, fire police officers, or admin/support members.

NDFC covers all training and equipment cost.

Our monthly business meetings are held the second Monday of every month beginning at 8:00pm.




Our firefighters are those members who serve and respond operationally to emergency calls including all types of fire, vehicle related incidents, hazardous situations and other urgent local needs.

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Fire Police members are responsible for maintaining safety and order at the scene of a fire or other emergency incidents. They can direct traffic, help secure the scene, and assist with crowd control to ensure the safety of both emergency responders and the public.



Our support members volunteer their time and skills to assist with various tasks such as fundraising, equipment and building maintenance, community events and outreach as well as the administrative side of the fire company.



Junior firefighters are members between the age of 14-17 years old who observe and learn through training and responding to emergency calls with in the confines of PA Child Labor Laws.

Junior Firefighters are vital to the future of the fire service in our community.   



You will need to complete and sign the Membership Application. Submit your application, PA criminal background check, child abuse clearance check, and FBI criminal background check (or waiver if you have resided in PA for the last 10 consecutive years) to our secretary.

Pennsylvania State Background check: click the link below and click on the “ New Volunteer Check” then read and follow the directions. Submit the completed background check with the application.


Child Abuse background check: Click the link below. If you do not already have a Keystone Key login you will need to create one and then create a clearance application for a volunteer organization. Submit the completed clearance with your application.


If you have been a resident of Pennsylvania for less than 10 years you will need to complete an FBI Criminal Background Check. To request an FBI criminal background check click on the link below and follow the instructions on the website.

If you have been a resident of PA for the last 10 years,complete and sign the disclosure statement below.


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